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About Us

All of us at AutoBuddy are here to serve you. We are are extremely excited to make our little world a better place to live. We are continuously identifying flaws in the auto body repair system and working towards making the market a fair, economically adaptable place for auto body repairs.

Our innovative platform helps you find an estimate for repairing damages on your vehicle quickly and without leaving your home.

By having multiple shops view damages on vehicles, the price of the repairs is driven down to the true market value; this also helps lower insurance premiums in the long run!

Making it easier for customers, like you, to find quality vehicle repairs for the best price.
Our Values
Customer Service
Top of the line customer service.
Quality Estimates
Fair, quality estimates from several shops; no drama.
Deliver Value
Deliver value and results.
Our Team
We are Vancouverites and entrepreneurs at heart with a passion for cars, repairs, innovation, and real solutions for real problems that so many are faced with. While running our own auto-repair shop, we saw a big potential for the whole industry. We believe no job is too big or too small to make people smile.
Our Guarantee
You get your vehicle repaired without any surprises!
Quality Guarantee
Quality Guarantee
All repair facilities are vetted by our technicians before being added to the platform
Save Money
Save Money
Our platform encourages fair estimate pricing because of its transparent nature
Satisfaction Guarantee
Always Convenient
Browse estimates from vetted repair facilities from the comfort of your own home